Want To Be A 

 Party Planner? 




















    You're full of ideas and love helping your friends and family have celebrations everyone will be talking about


    AND YET...

    You know party planning takes time,

    energy, and expertise



    you keep giving away your time and talent because you have no idea how much to charge or how to turn your hobby into a MONEY-MAKING BUSINESS.









      HI, MY NAME IS



      An Event Planner Coach


      AND...Owner and Creative Director of Soiree Event Design -- a six-figure event planning studio specializing in planning events, styling for brands and graphic design. 



      My business has worked with many brands, businesses and celebrities for over 20 years.


      I started my business from nothing and worked my butt off to scale it to six-figures. I never waited for permission to follow my dream!  I was a young single mom when I started my business and if I had waited for the right time…I would have never gotten started and be in a corporate job right now, wasting time doing something I don’t love. 


      Here are a few brands and businesses I've had the pleasure of working with... 


      OUR WORK

      Here are a few samples of my styling, event planning and party planning work with UNCF, Mattel (Monster High, Ever After High) and Disney.

      Tonya Coleman of Soiree Event Design is the real deal. She is a badazz! She has been the engine behind six successful UNCF Masked Balls. Her attention to every level of detail and remaining calm and collected is a testament to her ability to always be client-focused.


      Laverne McCartney-Knighton |

      Area Development Director, UNCF


      I've had the good fortune to partner with Tonya Coleman on events large and small. She's truly a partner. Through her creativity, she brings the WOW! Through her experience, she brings the know-how. From her maturity, she brings grace. I'm clearly a fan and the praise is due to her excellent work and wonderful spirit.


      |​ Ken Charles |​

      Enterprise Talent, U.S. Bank


            NOW'S IT'S TIME TO


            LEARN HOW!


              As an Event Planner Coach, I'm on a mission to teach new and aspiring party planners how to start and run successful party planning businesses! I am passionate about providing the information and tools that weren't available to me when I first started out and also provide coaching services to give new planners the benefit of having a successful, professional event planner show you what to do and prevent you from making costly mistakes.






                PARTYPRENEURS™ 1O1 COURSES

                WORK AT YOUR OWN PACE! 

                Each course includes an online video & downloadable workbook with resources.

                Get the bundle and have everything you need to start, run or pivot your party planning business.

                COURSE #1 - FREE BONUS!

                GET YOUR MIND RIGHT!

                Do you have what it takes to be your own BOSS?


                I've been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and know all about this entrepreneurial life!  I will share with you the real on what you can expect and how to get into the CEO Mindset necessary to BE YOUR OWN BOSS! 


                In This Lesson You Will Learn:

                • How to examine your strengths and weaknesses and how to use them both
                • To identify your skills and your Zone of Genius
                • How to build the confidence necessary to run a business
                • The 7 Daily Affirmations I use to keep my mind right & ready
                • Time management skills and tools to schedule and maintain time barriers


                COURSE #2 - $297

                RICH YOUR NICHE!

                There are "riches in niches"...Do you know why?


                Learn how to identify your strengths and choose a niche for your business that will maximize your revenue and create a unique selling proposition to stand you apart! 


                In This Lesson You Will Learn:

                • The difference in corporate events and private parties
                • About several different party planning niches
                • Why choosing a niche will make you more (not less) money
                • How to choose a niche for your business
                • How to identify your unique selling proposition within your niche

                COURSE #3 - $297

                CHARGE YOUR WORTH!

                Are you unsure of what you should be charging for your services?


                Learn strategies on how to price effectively and create a price list. You will also set up a revenue plan to help you to manage your monthly and yearly revenue goals.


                In This Lesson You Will Learn:

                • How to identify your ideal client and learn all about who they are
                • How to price your services to be competitive and remain profitable
                • Learn how to present your pricing to potential clients
                • What a party planner actually does
                • 3 common ways party planners charge
                • How to get paid

                COURSE #4 - $297

                BUILD YOUR BRAND!

                What will make your new business stand apart from your competitors?


                Learn the steps to creating an identifiable brand voice for your business that effectively communicates who you are, what you do and who you do it for!


                In This Lesson You Will Learn:

                • Why branding is important
                • The 4 W's of branding
                • How to develop your brand voice
                • The difference between brand and brand voice
                • Naming strategies to name your business
                • How to craft an effective tagline
                • Best practices for designing your logo
                • How to create a branding kit

                COURSE #5 - $297

                GET LEGIT!

                Are you ready to transform your hobby into a fully legit business?


                Learn the step-by-step process to get your business legal so you can start taking advantage of all the perks and benefits of being a legit small business!


                In This Lesson You Will Learn:

                • The different business types and the pros and cons of each
                • How  to register your business
                • How to take online payments
                • Insurance types and what you will need
                • The importance of trademark and how to do it
                • How to create your client contract with our template
                • How to secure your online presence with URLs, social media channels and more! 

                COURSE #6 - $297

                STRUT YOUR STUFF!

                Are you attracting your ideal clients and maintaining a client base? 


                Learn how to create a strategic marketing strategy to communicate directly with your ideal client to get noticed, get booked and maintain an ongoing client base.


                In This Lesson You Will Learn:

                • Effective marketing strategies
                • Marketing strategies to launch your new business
                • How to generate new leads
                • How to build a portfolio of your work
                • Why styled party shoots are important
                • How to get high-quality photos
                • How to collaborate with vendors
                • How your website should work as a marketing tool

                COURSE #7 - $297

                GET SOCIAL!

                Are you using social media as a revenue-generating marketing tool?


                Learn effective social media marketing strategies for my most powerful social media tool —Facebook—to build your brand, create a relationship with your ideal client, gain exposure & credibility!


                In This Lesson You'll Learn:

                • How to develop an elevator pitch for your business
                • What to post on social media
                • How to schedule your content
                • How to set up a business account on Facebook
                • How to use Facebook as marketing tool
                • How to build up a following on Facebook
                • Analyze the effectiveness of your social media marketing

                COURSE #8 - $297

                EXECUTE THE PLAN!

                The key to keeping your clients coming back is flawless execution!


                Learn how to manage the entire party planning process from the initial consultation to closing the deal with a contract through the day-of execution with ease. 


                In This Lesson You Will Learn:

                • Tools you need to automate the party planning process
                • How to negotiate and manage vendors and venues
                • How to create and execute a successful logistics plan 
                • Keys to a successful party set up and breakdown
                • How to hire a team 
                • How to handle client meetings including the consultation
                • Negotiation strategies on how to close the deal with clients

                COURSE #9 - $297

                CANDY & DESSERT TABLES 101

                Are you effectively including candy tables in your party planning biz?


                Learn how to properly price your candy and dessert tables... PLUS...DONE FOR YOU packages with pricing.   


                In This Lesson You Will Learn:

                • How to price candy tables
                • How to price dessert tables
                • How to price candy and dessert table combos
                • How to style candy and dessert tables
                • How much candy and desserts you will need
                • How to create a profitable pricing strategy & client terms 
                • What inventory you will need

                COURSE #10 - $297


                Are you maximizing the revenue potential of your business?


                Learn ways you can diversify your party planning business by adding additional revenue streams while staying within your niche.


                In This Lesson We Will Learn:

                • How to identify revenue generating opportunities for your business with products and services both in-person and online
                • How to create multiple revenue streams in your biz
                • How to generate revenue from your online presence
                • How to create recurring and passive revenue streams

                I'M READY FOR IT ALL!

                BEST VALUE!

                PARTYPRENUERS™ 101 COURSE BUNDLE - $1997

                GET ALL 10 COURSES & SAVE 676!  + FREE BONUSES!


                Includes access to ALL 10 of the Partypreneurs™ 101 Courses:

                • Course #1:  Get Your Mind Right
                • Course #2:  Rich Your Niche
                • Course #3:  Charge Your Worth
                • Course #4:  Build Your Brand
                • Course #5:  Get Legit
                • Course #6:  Strut Your Stuff
                • Course #7:  Get Social
                • Course #8:  Execute The Plan
                • Course #9:  Candy & Dessert Tables 101
                • Course #10:  Diversify Your Revenue

                FREE BONUS! Partypreneurs™ Party Planning Organizer!

                You will receive a copy of my downloadable Partypreneurs Party Planning Organizer full of invaluable templates, guides and worksheets to keep your party planning business organized and profitable. ($97 value)


                FREE BONUS! One-on-One Coaching Session!

                You will receive a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session with Tonya Coleman — CEO, Soiree Event Design and Founder, The Partypreneurs™ School to get clarity, get advice and ask any questions you may have to ensure you are ready to launch. ($247 value)


                FREE BONUS! Access to Resource Library!

                Receive access to my online resource library of downloadable resources.

                When I first started my business years ago, her party business was one of the first to inspire me and I wanted to know how she ran her successful business.  Tonya's training offered her step-by-step strategy on starting and running a successful party business. No theories, no fluff but just right to the point advice.  I also had the pleasure of working with her at BASH—a 2 day conference for party planners in Phoenix—and could see from day one that she really does walk the walk.​


                |​ Jamila Watson |

                Owner, Parties on Purpose


                Working with Tonya, I have learned to be strong in my leadership voice and learned new tools to make my party planning more efficient. If you are new to planning or need a refresher on the ins and outs of event planning... Learning from an expert is key and Tonya is your gal!


                Katie Driver |

                Owner, Uncommon Creative Studio

                I had the pleasure of working with Tonya Coleman of Soiree Event Design on my national conference BASH for 2 years. Tonya can do it all. Her organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills are outstanding and greatly contributed to the success of the event. An added bonus is her extensive knowledge of graphic design sets her apart and she is able to coordinate and brand an event from concept to completion.


                Michelle Burt |

                Founder, BASH Conference


                REAL TALK!




                BEEN THERE

                DONE THAT!


                You COULD waste time learning all of this on your own by trial and error (like I did)

                OR TAKE ACTION!


                Learn directly from me how I did it so you can avoid making costly mistakes!


                LEARN ON YOUR OWN TIME

                & AT YOUR OWN PACE!

                Be ready with all the information and tools you will need to launch your party planning business with confidence!


                I have worked alongside Tonya Coleman for over a decade.  Her attention to detail, grand vision of event design and execution is second to none.  Her ability to multi-task amidst high stress deadlines while maintaining professional and pleasant composure, makes her a joy to work with every project.  I highly recommend Tonya Coleman for event planning on any scale and am excited that she will be sharing her experience and knowledge with other event planners to elevate their businesses!


                Karl Demer |

                President/CEO, Atomic K Productions



                • Who are these courses for? 

                  These courses are for aspiring party planners who are ready to launch their party planning business or new party planners who need help elevating their business in a few key areas!  If you have dreamed of starting a party planning business and not sure how...YOU HAVE HIT THE JACKPOT! If you have been in business for less than 3 years, and are frustrated, close to burnout or not making enough money, it’s not too late to turn it around!  The Partypreneurs™ School of Party Planning will help you re-evaluate your business and realign it with my money-making step-by-step roadmap so you can start making the money you want and actually enjoy your business.

                • What will I learn in these courses?

                  In Courses #1-8 you will learn my signature framework on HOW to launch a money-making party planning business. Once you learn the steps, it’s up to you to implement those strategies so you can see results. Show up, do the work and we’ll be toasting to you as the PARTY PLANNING BOSS of your new party planning business!


                  Course #9 - Candy & Dessert Tables 101 is a bonus course that takes a deep-dive into HOW to set up, style and price your candy, dessert and sweets tables...PLUS...I'm giving you three done-for-you sweets tables packages that you can begin to use right now!


                  AND...Course #10 - Diversify Your Revenue is another bonus course geared to party planners who want to add additional revenue streams into their businesses including online offerings and products.

                • What's included in the courses?

                  All of the video courses range in length from 30 min to 1 1/2 hours. You can access the courses online at any time that is convenient for you.  Each course comes with its own downloadable workbook with action steps to help you implement what you learned in that course.  

                • Will I get one-on-one coaching with Tonya?

                  Partypreneurs™ 101 does not include one-on-one coaching with Tonya.  It is designed to give you information and tools that you can implement on your own.  If you are interested in additional help with implementing what you've learned or want additional accountability, please email info@ThePartypreneursSchool.com and inquire about our One-On-One Coaching Program and Group Coaching Program. Those who purchase the Partypreneurs 101 Course Bundle will receive a 30-minute one-on-one coaching session as a bonus once you have completed all the courses.

                • Why should I take this course instead of others?

                  Well, that’s pretty simple. This course is taught by an event planner for event planners! There aren’t very many courses out there that teach specifically the party planning business and definitely not by an event planner who has been there and DONE THAT! It has been a passion of mine to share my knowledge of the event planning business with other women event planners so we can all be BADASS and PROFITABLE business owners living our best lives! I never did understand why other planners don’t want to share their “secret sauce”. Not me…I’m spilling all the TEA! AND…I have the business to prove it! I transformed my kids party planning business into a six-figure event planning business all while being a wife and mom of 5! YOU CAN DO IT TOO, but it takes an investment and work on your part.


                  NOW'S THE TIME TO TAKE ACTION!



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